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My name is Ted Winestone. I was born as Tevye Wejnsztejn in Baranowicze, Poland. I am a Jewish Holocaust survivor.

When the Nazis started the war with Russia, my family relocated to Dworzec, Poland, my mother’s hometown. The Nazis soon arrived and the town quickly became a labor camp. I was put to work on a brick pile with other kids, where I spent 13 months. The entire camp was liquidated by gassing but I managed to escape the woods with the partisans. My entire family was murdered. I was twelve.

I spent 20 months in the woods in various partisan groups fighting the Germans but mostly trying to survive. I suffered through bitter cold and frostbite. Food was a scarcity and typhoid fever was rampant. German bullets were flying at me constantly.

My little carbine was hardly an answer and the Polish and Russian partisans were not exactly friendly either. My cousin Shlomo Iskiwitz was murdered by his friendly Russian co-partisans after being proclaimed a hero of the Soviet Union. This is the same Iskiwitz, whose father was in Memphis at the time.

I was wounded in the woods, but liberated by the Russian Army in August, 1944 after which I served a brief stint with the Russians. I spent 15 months in a displaced persons camp in Badgastein and finally came to the United States at age 17. I immediately enrolled in high school and college, and after graduation was drafted into the U.S. Marine Corps.

Ted Winestone
March 2015


Ted Winestone now lives in Memphis, Tennessee where is a CPA and an attorney. He is married to his wife Joscelyn, has five grown children, eleven grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.